Step Up Your Sales Game

Generate growth in this new environment.

Get results in 6 to 8 weeks by up-skilling with these Smart Sales Techniques.

When you are the main sales engine of the business this new sales environment can be daunting.

My series of blended online learning courses with virtual “get it done” workshops will give you a clear blueprint on how to grow your sales revenue with up-to-date techniques.

I deliver them in short online training workshops. You will be guided by me and joined by like minded individuals from around the world.


This suite of online courses will help you Grow Revenue Quicker. Choose the one that is right for you.

It is time to move from a reactive in-bound sales strategy to a proactive out-bound one.


Courses to help you generate leads:

If you are finding it hard to get appointments, find lead opportunities, get a client on the phone or to respond to your email, these will help:

5 Fundamentals to Find Leads and Opportunities Now

What you will discover on this course:

- up-to-date prospecting techniques for this sales environment

- what to do and say to get more appointments

- time saving shortcuts to attract more of the right leads.

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What worked face to face won’t work online. You need a different approach.  Refine your sales skills so you can sell smarter.

What you will discover on this course:

- How to create a sales blitz and sales calls online filled with the right fit clients.

- How to identify, qualify and engage potential new clients.

- How to create a WOW virtual presentation that engages ideal clients.

- Follow-up, negotiations techniques to close profitable business.

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Courses to help you WIN more leads:

Build trusting relationships that convert to profitable business with these consultative sales techniques.

On this course I will walk you through the following:

- How to Stand Out and Sound Different when your client is comparison shopping

- Killer Questions to lead a high converting, strategic client conversation

- How to write proposals that WIN

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After taking this course you will know how to:

- Present your business, product or service in a compelling way so your client wants to buy

- Do a virtual live show around so your client feels like they are there with you

- Help them imagine working with you from their phone or laptop.

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Stop spinning your wheels and sending proposals that just don’t WIN!

I will show you the 5 areas to get right in a proposal so you can

- WIN higher value business

- Stop chasing clients that just don’t get back to you.

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If you want to avoid a price war and that feeling of being forced to sell based on price, this course is for you.

We will look at tactics to:

-Help close more deals at a more profitable price.

- Follow up effectively and nurture clients until they are ready to buy

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Sales Leadership Courses for leaders of sales teams.

In this course, I show you how to set the team (and yourself) up for recovery and success in a tough marketplace.

Let’s talk to see if this is a fit for you.

Click on the topic above that helps you fix your most pressing needs.

Take a course “self study” or join me live on zoom. Choose what works best for your learning style.

On-Demand, Self-Paced Video Learning

This is for you if you are ready to take the course right now, in your own time.   These are pre-recorded videos, walking you through step by step how to approach that particular topic. I share additional resources to help you get it done - workbooks, cheatsheets, chapters from my book and TED Talks.  This is for you if you are a self starter - you just want to get it done now and don’t need to ask questions in a training room scenario or be guided by me. Time investment is 2.5 hours. Take it from any device, at any time, at your own pace.

Join me live for a more personalized learning experience on Zoom 

where you will be joined by other like minded people around the world.  These are truly interactive sessions where I will be helping you to get the “thinking work” done, then and there.  I will give you feedback on work accomplished and I’ll answer your questions. 

This is for you if you like to have support, want to network and enjoy participating more in your learning experience. These sessions will help you get results quicker.   The time investment is from 3 hours to up to 2 days (broken into 2 hour virtual sessions), depending on the course.

I have been running training programs since 2014  - so I know what it takes to keep you focused, engaged and learning to get faster results.

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Jennifer Gregory, National Sales Director, Visit Buffalo Niagara

"This Selling During the Coronavirus course was what I needed to feel more confident in how I prospect and approach client relationships every day, especially while in the middle of the pandemic. The implementable tactics shared were friendly reminders of how to do the basics well paired with new examples appropriate for the times. The international perspective was unexpected and incredibly refreshing too!" 

Karren Hamilton, Vice President Global Sales

“Your workshop on Selling During the Coronavirus was a practical reminder of what is important to the client. We can sometimes get caught up in our own thinking. Your approach helps to step back and look at the sales process from the client's point of view."

Christian Kabbedijk

“I learned more about negotiations in your 2 hour workshop than I did in a full day with a previous training company - you break it down and make it relevant to my clients and market place.”

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