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The need to build a relationship through a screen is here to stay. What worked face to face won’t work online.

You need a different approach.  

Do these questions sound familiar?

  • How can I get a conversation with a buyer when I can't meet them face to face? 
  • Where can I find new buyers with a limited travel budget?
  • How do I get clients to call me back or turn on their camera in an online meeting?


You are not alone.

Buyers are overwhelmed with information. Operating virtually takes a lot more of their mental bandwidth. Throwing more information at them hoping it is enough for them to want to do business with you just won't work.


My How to Make Sales Calls Online course will help you take back control and create a sales blitz online that will give you direct access to potential buyers that want to do business with you.  


How to sell online is the #1 sales skill you now need  to have the edge on your competition. 


How to Make Sales Calls Online

A 4 hour, intensive virtual workshop where I will share:

How to set up a virtual sales blitz & sales calls.

How to get appointments with clients who are the right fit for your business.

How to do virtual client presentations in a compelling way and avoid boring power point presentations.

The mistakes to avoid that will cost you time and money in online sales.

How to WIN new business opportunities - online and in person.

After this course, you will know: 

  • How to plan and execute a Revenue Generating (Virtual) Sales Blitz - and follow up to ensure the cash flows.

  • Key elements to a strong & effective presentation, one that converts to revenue.

  • Making “virtual” meaningful & fun. It's key to be compelling online.

  • Mistakes to avoid when leading your team in the move to virtual meetings and experiences.

  • Essential follow-up and nurture techniques to ensure leads generated don’t go cold - close the deal instead.

Module 1

The Preparation

  • Identifying your profitable prospect clients.
  • Setting up sales calls online – getting them to turn up.
  • Lead Scoring to focus on the best opportunities.
  • Getting comfortable with the technology and tools to use for virtual selling. Zoom, Webex, Teams, Soapbox and many more.
  • Tips and tricks with lighting, camera, whiteboards, green screen, audio and your background.
  • Know the power of the camera and how to ensure potential buyers turn theirs on.
  • Building credibility and trust in all your virtual activities.

Module 2

The Delivery

  • Ideas on how to Stand OUT and make a WOW presentation.
  • How to ensure they don’t just turn on their camera – but also engage with you.
  • Designing a sensory experience instead of a boring slide deck presentation. It's important to recreate the face to face experience as much as possible.
  • Creating your Story Toolkit.
  • Managing your energy online.
  • Visual cues and how to pick up on them.
  • How to make it conversational rather than a one-way transfer of information. That's a turn off.

Module 3

The Next Steps

  • Follow-up Techniques to close more deals.

  •  How to ensure you do hear back from potential buyers.

  •  How to nurture potential buyers to lead them to a sale.

  •  Strategies to overcome objections virtually.

  •  Negotiating virtually - best practice.

  • How to not feel like you are bothering a potential client when you follow up a few times.

"I tried out your new techniques and got an immediate response.  The client replied as if she was smiling.  She wanted to talk.  We arranged a virtual meeting for the following week.  The business is worth €100,000! "

- Eleni Xiarhogiannakopoulou, Sales & Marketing Manager, Novotel

Got Questions?

A live online workshop with Ciara on Zoom

 March 14th, 2023

To join a waiting list for an earlier course, click the connect with me button on the home page.

10am - 12 noon ET (New York) / 3pm - 5pm GMT (London)

The Investment is:

$599 per person

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If you would like to have 10 or more members of your team attend this please contact us.

When you enroll in the course you will receive:

  • 6 months access to a training website
  • Downloadable resources to help get the work done
  •  Templates for creating your new sales tools
  •  Access to a private Facebook group where you can network and continue the learning.

A little about me

I am invested in your success.  I love to show people how to master their craft of sales.  Your clients are searching for solutions.  I want to show you how to position yourself as the answer by building a strategic partnership relationship with them - online or offline. (It is no longer enough to be really friendly and remember their children's names). You have to know what is important to them and how to make them look really good. 

It is the kind of relationship that is even more important when selling in the virtual world.

I have been running an online sales training business since 2014. I have helped thousands of sales people to win more often and love what they are doing.

Join me on Zoom for live workshops that will give you the skills to sell online.

By Learning to Make Sales Calls Online

You can learn the skills to transfer your traditional sales activities online and WIN new business with or without face to face meetings.

Selling online is here to stay, it is a vital skill to be more successful and master your craft.

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