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If you want your keynote, workshop or one off inspirational training to have an impact and stand out, let's talk.

 I'd love to help you achieve your goals & objectives.


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My objective is for you to achieve what is most important to you. When we speak, I'd love to understand your 2 most important goals for our work together:


1. What do you want people to do and think differently after our work together?


2. How will you measure our success?

It is important to me to help you achieve the results you want.
To help you maximize your ROI, I like to work with you in this way.

Bespoke for You

I will create a bespoke keynote for your organization.

Interaction Guaranteed

I will deliver it designing interaction, engagement and participation. I engage the heart, mind and body.

Pre-Event Engagement

I will help ensure more people turn up to the event and are looking forward to it by creating pre-event engagement tools.

Post-Event Connection

I will stay connected with your people afterwards to ensure implementation and quicker results by designing a post-event toolkit.

Delivering engaging virtual events since 2014

No More Zoom Fatigue

 I deliver my presentations ensuring no more Zoom fatigue – creating interactive, virtual learning experiences. 

I have been doing this since 2014 when I first started delivering webinars and virtual training events, across the globe.

Christina Tomlinson

Ciara’s hands-on approach to the webinar kept our listeners involved and excited to participate in the conversation!

- Christina Tomlinson, VP of Marketing & Events at Pathable Inc.



My Most Popular Keynotes 

 Stick your Neck OUT! Stories & Strategy to inspire courage, change and transformation as a result of making brave moves. 

 - How sales strategy and brave moves transform companies, lives and culture. 

- How you can apply this strategy to your situation.

- How to adopt a client centric sales culture, be more pro-active and have more control of the sales process.

This is a story of how to build tools to be unstoppable. It’s a strategy to inspire courage, resilience, change and transformation as a result of making brave moves.

It all started on July 10th in 2020 when we were half-way through building our new home. Then the bank decided not to continue our mortgage. It was what I did next, the series of steps I took that ensured we got the decision reversed. We moved into our home December 22nd, 2020. I had to seriously stick my neck out or lose it all.

Many opportunities are lost forever because of a fear to say or do something different.

My drive to help avoid that happening to anyone else led me to share my story. I share a strategy that helped to change the course of action. It’s a story about persistence and resilience. It is a methodology that can be applied to many situations – in business or in our personal lives.

The world has changed. This methodology helps people to tackle that change head on and take back control of a situation. I leave participants with a 3-point plan for their next bold move.

I make this keynote personal to the audience and help them apply it to their lives. Almost everyone has had a decision made that adversely affected them. Sometimes we think they are out of our control, there is nothing we can do about it. And perhaps give up a dream, an ambition, a way of life. 2020 certainly forced a lot of that upon people.



• Steps to WIN – More Leads and Build Revenue Opportunities Now - even through a screen.

There are 5 keys steps to get right, post COVID in order to build a more client centric sales process. I walk you through what to do to:

- position your company for more WINs 

- build trust and confidence with potential clients 

- have potential clients see you as a partner and not another supplier.

Being a partner is a lot more lucrative. These critical steps will help avoid rate negotiation and help WIN more profitable business.


• Making Sales Calls Online – instead of On the Road. How to Move from Face-to-Face to Virtual Selling and Build Relationships through a screen.

The buyer isn’t making it any easier to sell to in an online world. It is easier to not turn up to a virtual presentation than to cancel an in-person meeting. To make things worse – they can now decide to not turn on their camera! In this keynote I outline strategies to engage your ideal clients virtually, get more appointments online and create a virtual sales blitz or roadshow to start filling your sales pipeline.

The need to build a relationship through a screen is here to stay. What worked face to face won't work online. You have to take a different approach. Sales in the virtual world is about making a connection. And moving away from transactional sales towards a partnership approach. This is more of a challenge when you are forced to do it online.

- Demos that Engage

- How to make a client feel like you are in the room with them - even when you are not.
- The tech to use to stand out and make it a WOW experience.
- How to sell more from your desk or phone.
- How to build better client relationships that WIN business.


I have a full list of keynote and workshop ideas below. I can tailor make a mix of different topics in a series of short, sharp nuggets that make an impact and get implemented.


Other Popular Keynote & Workshop Topics

  • Killer Questions to Lead a High Converting Client Conversation – with the Importance of Listening to Understand
  • Doing the Basics Brilliantly in Sales
  • How to Stand Out and Sound Different
  • How to Write Proposals (and RFPs) that WIN
  • How to Get the EDGE on your Competitors
  • How the Client Thinks and Buys – creating a client centric culture

I'm listening - let's talk about your event

Having worked in the hospitality and events industry for 20 years, I approach business with a mindset of client centric service. I leave your audience with a renewed passion for their work.

In order for me to help you achieve the goals of your event, I’d love to understand it more. Let’s have a virtual cup of tea together. I’d love to hear your story.

Let's Talk About Your Event

Ciara ran an inspiring sales skills workshop to launch our annual learning month. She provided some really interesting new models to approach sales and the gathering of international event and conference professionals were really inspired by her innovative and personal approach. 

- Angela Guillemet, Executive Director, INCON