My Message to You

I’ve been there – a leader of a sales team, a business owner and someone who just wanted to Step-UP their sales game.  If you are feeling like things just aren’t going fast enough in the direction you want, now is a great time to change that.

I Know That Can Change

 If you are feeling stuck or not sure of your next step with your sales team or your sales strategy, I can help.

Are you an ambitious forward thinking leader? I do my best work with people who want to bring their clients closer.

I love to jump over obstacles.  I am positive and resilient.  I brought a traditional “in-person” business online in 2014 and created a virtual sales training company. This enabled me to be the Mammy I wanted to be while running an international business and winning more of the clients that were the right fit for me. 

I can help you get to your next level of success, re-build and re-strategize by looking at your business through the eyes of your clients with my Steps to WIN™ Sales Strategy Program.

The Power of Connection for Your Business

I am a sales strategist who thinks like your client. I believe in the power of connection and cultivating partnerships instead of transactional relationships. Community is very important to me in both business and in my personal life. That sense of belonging to a community of people who “get them is vital to your client.

I love to show people how to build better relationships with their clients. The kind of relationship the client wants and needs to help them buy.

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It started with a flying lesson

That’s a picture of my Dad and I. I think it just says “TRUST”. We all learn to trust at an early age, but lose it as we get older. Trust has diminished in our society, in business it is vital to earn it back. I show you how.

What I teach is a result of all the life experiences I have had. From standing up to bullies at age 10 to going to boarding school (which I loved!), moving from a small town in Ireland to New York just after college... and then back to a small community where I now live in Cork, the south of Ireland.

I realize now, in my late 40s that is what makes me ME, and helps me to see the world from a different perspective. There are a lot of distractions out there. I’ll help you stay laser focused on your client. That will shift the needle in your business and career.

I love to show you how your client thinks and buys. And how to be the best version of you in sales. So you get what they need to see and hear from you to help them to buy.

Get in touch for a virtual tea and let me help you win more sales.

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Val Mullally

"Working with you is one of the most meaningful and rewarding mentoring projects I have ever invested in."

Val Mullally, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach.