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Build Strategy, Strategic Relationships & a Mindset to Think DifferentĀ 

I help sales leaders and business owners like you to be positioned as partners, not suppliers.Ā 

To help your sales team stand OUTĀ from your competition by building relationships of trust - virtually or face to face.

The result is attracting and winning more profitable business opportunities.

Let's Talk if you need to change things up!

My proven framework drives behavioural change to get you a quicker ROI.


I believe in the power of building Trust, Empathy and Community in order to WIN more Business.

I’ve had over 600 conversations with sales leaders in the last few months. 


The BIG questions I am hearing are:

  • How do you engage buyers online?

  • What's the best way to WIN Large Customer Sales?

  • How do you get the team to move away from selling via email?

 My signature Steps to WIN™ Sales Skills programs help you address all of these burning issues.

With 20 years' experience consulting with Fortune 500 companies and SMEs, I can help transform you or your sales teams into an engine for growth.


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"Ciara's Killer Questions and Conversation Frame helped me get business worth $5 million over the line. I learned this in my second week working with Ciara on a live zoom training"

Brian Slot, Winsport, Calgary, Canada

"I walked away with great, actionable tips that I could get the team to start working on straight away. Ciara's practical sales strategies helped me to focus on how our clients want to buy."

Michelle Johnson, CEO, ASA Marketing

"We grew our conversion rates by 7% , which added millions to our bottom line, in 6 months. Ciara's Steps to WIN framework provides the perfect insight into what clients want and need during the sales process."

Justine Thomas Butler, Emirates Airlines Arabian Adventures, Director Meetings, Dubai

Watch your TeamĀ take Ownership and Build Better Relationships Online or Face to Face.

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Ciara Feely

My Book! Steps to WIN™

I am the best-selling author of Steps to WIN, where I share many ideas on how to build a rock solid foundation to your sales approach. 

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Sales Team Training

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