Leading a High Converting Client Conversation. Part 1


This week I really want to talk about the client conversation and leading a client conversation.

There's a methodology that I teach that has 4 specific parts to it. We're talking about Step 1 of it today. It's about the importance of being able to take control and lead the conversation.

Has it ever happened to you that you get in a call with the client and they're in control, and all of a sudden they're asking, "tell me all about this", "I just want to know about this product/service" then they're asking you about price? You realise you are on the back foot a little bit -- you've probably lost the opportunity of a sale there.  It is frustrating. Well you can do something about that.

In this methodology, I'll teach you how to - in a very nice way -  take control of the conversation. 

You want to be able to lead them through certain stages to be able to set them off so you can understand what's important to them so that you can figure out how you can help them. The client really needs to feel listened to in order to create that connection as part of that conversation. It's a really important part of the sales process.

Step 1 in the client conversation frame that I teach is HOW TO TAKE CONTROL, It is important to know how to take a lead. It might be just a simple question like:

  • "I really want to  understand how to help you, and ensure I put the right information to my proposal."
  • "I have a number of questions to ask you. Do you mind if I go ahead and do that?"

All of a sudden that gives you control of the conversation. :)

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