What You Can Control in Sales


What You Can Control in Sales

Sales Leadership Training Series

Are you feeling like you don't have control of sales?

That the control lies with your client?

Keeping your mindset focused on the areas that you can control is a lot more productive. In this blog post, I share the 4 key factors in the current sales landscape and what are the main areas that you have control of. 

In the training that I'm doing right now, I'm hearing a lot of negativity from salespeople - because there is a lot of negative sentiment out there! It is more challenging to get clients to engage with you, to get them on the phone, to get them to turn up to a demo, to give you their time.

This means you have to work harder to earn the client conversation.

To help you or your team, to get around the mindset of hearing the negativity of clients saying, "there's a spending freeze on right now or a pause", I want to share this diagram that I think really helps to put some perspective...

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Gathering Testimonials to Make Sales


Today I wanted to share some tips with you from my book, Steps to Win. I want in particular to focus on a strategy that will work for you right now in selling in the online space. And that is on gathering testimonials or client reviews.

We all know how valuable websites are when we're trying to make decisions on travel. But no matter what industry you are in, social proof is a very important tool to have to help clients to make a decision.

And that's really what sales is all about - helping the client to make the right decision, which hopefully will be working with you.

So it's very important to be having conversations with your clients right now, even if they are not buying. And a great excuse to call them up, or get them on a zoom call or email them, is in asking for testimonials.

Now you really want to get a testimonial that shows the value that you bring to the table. Every company will have customers that are happy and that will say; 

"I had a great experience, love...

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