How do you Sell in a Softer Marketplace?



This is my Steps to WIN™  Methodology. 

It is a map to help you build a Client Centric Sales Process.

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3 Sales Kick Off Areas of Focus to Rally your Team for Revenue Success

sales team development Oct 21, 2022

A Sales Kick Off (SKO) is an opportunity to rally your sales team and get them pumped up, confident and ready for a new fiscal year.

Listen in to my ideas on the 3 main areas to train your sales team on to be able to navigate the challenging market place for next year.

I love to work with sales leaders in designing and running sales kick-offs. 

Connect with me for a conversation around how I can help you meet and beat revenue goals next year - while building strong client relationships.


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3 Mindset Shifts for Sales Leaders and Teams

sales team development Oct 21, 2022

I just finished a sales training and these are the 3 big areas and "aha" moments the sales team had.

They are fundamental areas to ensure your sales team are getting right.

1. The need to Stand-OUT and see their business from the clients point of view.

2. Stop selling via email

3. Personalization.

Listen to the video for more details on these 3 areas.  If you want to enable your sales team to be more productive, happier and convert more deals - this is for you.

 If you really want to help your team (or yourself) master these 3 areas - this is how I can help you.

I train all of these 3 areas in my Steps to WIN sales skills course. Discover more details on this virtual training here.

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Why Client Conversations Are Actually Important.


The topic for today's conversation is all about conversations and the power of leading a really great client conversation and why that is important.

I had originally intended to just jump straight into how to lead a very important and high converting client conversation. Just speaking with a client this morning, made me realize 2 things:

A. I need to talk about why it's so important to get that conversation piece right.

B. Why it is a key metric to have for yourself and for your sales team to create more quality client conversations.

1. So the first big reason is if you're not creating quality client conversations, conversations where you're able to lead the client as opposed to being led by the client, -  you are being seen as a commodity.  It is transactional selling, and that opportunity of really creating a connection and finding out the why behind the sale is lost.

2. The second big reason is a lot of people are selling via email. And there is a missed...

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What You Can Control in Sales


What You Can Control in Sales

Sales Leadership Training Series

Are you feeling like you don't have control of sales?

That the control lies with your client?

Keeping your mindset focused on the areas that you can control is a lot more productive. In this blog post, I share the 4 key factors in the current sales landscape and what are the main areas that you have control of. 

In the training that I'm doing right now, I'm hearing a lot of negativity from salespeople - because there is a lot of negative sentiment out there! It is more challenging to get clients to engage with you, to get them on the phone, to get them to turn up to a demo, to give you their time.

This means you have to work harder to earn the client conversation.

To help you or your team, to get around the mindset of hearing the negativity of clients saying, "there's a spending freeze on right now or a pause", I want to share this diagram that I think really helps to put some perspective...

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How do you "Pin Down" Potential Clients? Prospecting Tips


Isn't prospecting frustrating? Well, it doesn't have to be. In this week's Feely Focus I share what is key to get right before you start looking for new clients. It makes business development so much easier while enjoying it along the way.

The biggest frustrations that I'm hearing from salespeople right now are these:

  • Number one, I just really want to pin down the right people, how do I pin them down Ciara? It is prospecting headache #1.
  • The second one is, just need to get them at the right time, and then I'll be able to sell to them.
  • And the third one is, how do I create better conversations where I don't feel "salesy". You know that feeling of really building that strategic relationship with the client, which is what is so important in the B2B world right now.

So if you're experiencing these frustrations, or if you're hearing them from your team, this is what is happening.

The client isn't making a link between the value that you/ your business or your team bring to the table....

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