3 Steps to WIN

A virtual bootcamp to help you...

Build Relationships that Matter - even in a Virtual World

Now is the time to build trust.

To do something different. To hold your existing clients close and stand out when potential clients are comparison shopping. 

Secure your place today

Are you finding it hard to get buyers to call or email you back?

Or perhaps you are frustrated with being asked to quote for business and then never hearing back!  It's as if your proposal disappeared into a big black hole...


Selling in the harsh reality of COVID takes a different approach. If you are selling the same way as you were in 2019 - you will be left behind.


The art of listening is a top sales skill to develop right now.

It is harder and harder to earn the clients time and attention. 

It involves a fundamental move away from transactional selling towards a more consultative approach.

Building relationships is a key ingredient for success. I will show you how to personalise the sales experience for each client without it taking hours or days.

Steps to WIN

With my proven Steps to WIN Process, I can help you get revenue results in 6 to 8 weeks. 

In this online sales training we will cover the first 3 steps of the Steps to WIN process - why?  Because that is where 80% of leads are lost. 

This is a modular program divided into steps, building your confidence at each point and ensuring nobody gets overwhelmed or left behind.

Step 1:  How to Stand OUT, Sound Different and know your value to the client.  This will help you to be compelling.

Step 2: Killer Questions - to Lead a High Converting Client Conversation.

Step 3: How to Write Proposals that WIN.

I have been training sales teams virtually for over 7 years with proven results.

I'd love to help you get to your next level of sales success.

"I used your Killer Questions during a conversation with a prospect client. I  converted business worth $350,000."  

Anthony tried out his new skills within a few weeks of my training and it worked! 

It's important to know what to do with the answers to brilliant questions.

"You showed me how to 'own' the conversation and not feel salesy."

Birgit was hesitant to be pro-active in sales because she was afraid to run out of things to say that were interesting to the client. 

I can help you to be compelling.

This is the Steps to WIN Process that we will cover.

Stand Out - Sound Different and know your value to the client

Buyers' needs have changed. To get their attention and earn their time, you must be relevant and aware of what is most important to them. We take the time to step back and examine the world of the buyer (because it has changed so much in a year).  This helps you to  develop an approach that is client-centric, designed to help the buyer buy.

Killer Questions to lead high converting strategic, client conversations.  This helps to position you as a trusted adviser, not a sales person.

Business is lost and won based on how you make a client feel. The art of conversation and how to get the client to happily share with you what will help them to say YES is a critical skill to develop. If you find you were an order taker in the good times, rather than an order makers, this will really help you to move past that.  I teach listening and conversation techniques in this module that build better business relationships that result in more sales.

Proposals that WIN

How to avoid never hearing back from the client after putting hours into preparing a proposal. We look at the structure, content, delivery and follow-up on proposals to WIN more profitable opportunities.  I will show you how to personalize proposals without them taking all day to prepare.

~~Bonus Module for taking quick action today and signing up~~  This is available to those who register between Feb 17 and 21st.

I will review your new proposal and send you a private video with my suggestions on how to make it more compelling.


Start to get more of the results you want by joining me live during 3 zoom- workshops. 

I'm in - sign me up!

Let me show you how much you can be doing, even now, during this pandemic, to give your business the edge. 

As we work together, we will follow my proven Steps to Win Process (the first 3 steps). I will help you reposition your business as partners not suppliers, earning the trust and confidence of the clients you want to WIN.

This is how it works:

1. You will get access to a training website after registration.  

2. Join me for 3 live zoom workshops that are interactive.

3.  The dates of these workshops are:

April 13th, 15th, 27th @ 2:30 - 4pm GMT (Dublin/London), 9:30am - 11am EST New York time.

In these workshops we will cover the following topics:

Day 1:  How to Stand OUT and Sound Different - craft a clear message.

Day 2: How to Lead a High Converting Client Conversation.

Day 3:  How to Write Proposals that WIN.

Each workshop lasts 1.5 hours.


What is the investment?

I am glad you asked!  It is $997.00. Or you can choose to pay 3 monthly payments of $369.00

Choose which way you'd like to pay at the very bottom of this page.

How many new clients would it take to get your return on investment in this course? My priority is to help ensure you get an ROI quickly.  If you do the work, it will pay off.

I’m committed to your success that’s why I stay with you through the implementation stage so I can help you. Questions usually arise when you start to implement your new learnings. That’s why I stick around.  Bring your questions to the live zoom workshops and we will work on it together.

I’ll be there to help you make tweaks based on your real life experience, clients and market place. That is why I don't run this course all in the one day.

I’ve spent the last 7 years figuring out what works to effectively train remotely.  I can save you the expense and hassle of figuring this out for yourself. I know what works and what will make it stick. 

About Me

I believe in the power of connection and cultivating partnerships instead of transactional relationships. I know it works.  I have seen how going from good to great can completely transform people into an engine for growth.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or independent small business I can help.

I love to show people how to have better relationships with their clients. The kind of relationship the client wants and needs to help them buy. I’d love to hear your story.

What to expect from my Steps to WIN Course


The course consists of a number of two-hour sessions that will be led by me, Ciara, virtually. 
These include live, virtual training room experiences that are interactive - not more zoom fatigue.  PLUS:

+ individual access to a training website to reinforce learning

+ online assignments to help you get it done quicker

+ accountability and implementation strategies

+ nurturing and follow-up by me to ensure you are taking action.  

Next Steps:  

Register today as numbers are limited to ensure a great learning experience for each person.


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