What You Can Control in Sales


What You Can Control in Sales

Sales Leadership Training Series

Are you feeling like you don't have control of sales?

That the control lies with your client?

Keeping your mindset focused on the areas that you can control is a lot more productive. In this blog post, I share the 4 key factors in the current sales landscape and what are the main areas that you have control of. 

In the training that I'm doing right now, I'm hearing a lot of negativity from salespeople - because there is a lot of negative sentiment out there! It is more challenging to get clients to engage with you, to get them on the phone, to get them to turn up to a demo, to give you their time.

This means you have to work harder to earn the client conversation.

To help you or your team, to get around the mindset of hearing the negativity of clients saying, "there's a spending freeze on right now or a pause", I want to share this diagram that I think really helps to put some perspective into place. 

  1. You very much have control of your SALES PROCESS, and how you are designing a process that is client-centric.  You can control what your sales message is and how you conduct client conversations.  You can control the sales tools you design to help clients make a decision.  You can control what you write in proposals.  All of these are areas I help sales teams and business owners to get right.

This is where my 7 Steps to WIN process comes into place. I have identified 7 key areas that you need to get right to ensure that you have that client-centric process in place that is going to help you and help your team to win more business.  I will share more detail on what exactly these 7 Steps are in my upcoming blogs.

2. An area where we don't have control of right now -- the MARKETPLACE.  We thought that the effects of COVID might be a temporary thing, but it's not. This is the new economy that we are in.   Accept it.  Take action on what you can control.

You have to get your head around it and figure out how are you going to adapt to it because all you can control is how you react to this new economy.

3. The 3rd area is the area of your CLIENTS -- their world, their business, and what's happening in their life. You don't have control over this. 

You might be able to influence certain areas and their thought process in order to help convert and WIN business. But ultimately it is out of our control until you build a strong enough relationship with them where you can influence them and help make their world a better place.

4. The big area that you definitely have control of is YOU and your reaction to all of this. I'm hearing and I'm seeing a lot of frustration in salespeople in wanting to get the client to do something different.  This mindset needs to change.  You have control over your reaction to it and do not allow yourself to get upset over what you're hearing in the marketplace.  Mind your energy in this area to help keep you productive and positive.

You have control and can decide what to do different. What worked in 2019 isn't going to work in the next few years.

There are 4 big areas here but let's look at where we have control.  -

1. Your Sales Process 

2. YOU!  Your reaction. 

That is 50% of these 4 areas that you have control of.  Those are great numbers!

If you want more ideas and more inspiration on how to in particular take back control and design a sales process that's right for this market and right for your clients, I have plenty more in store. 

I share wisdom and insights in these 2 areas mentioned above.  Your MINDSET, your team's mindset -- keeping that positive, keeping your motivation levels up, and keeping those energy levels topped up are so important right now.

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Thanks a million for your time!

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