How do you "Pin Down" Potential Clients? Prospecting Tips


Isn't prospecting frustrating? Well, it doesn't have to be. In this week's Feely Focus I share what is key to get right before you start looking for new clients. It makes business development so much easier while enjoying it along the way.

The biggest frustrations that I'm hearing from salespeople right now are these:

  • Number one, I just really want to pin down the right people, how do I pin them down Ciara? It is prospecting headache #1.
  • The second one is, just need to get them at the right time, and then I'll be able to sell to them.
  • And the third one is, how do I create better conversations where I don't feel "salesy". You know that feeling of really building that strategic relationship with the client, which is what is so important in the B2B world right now.

So if you're experiencing these frustrations, or if you're hearing them from your team, this is what is happening.

The client isn't making a link between the value that you/ your business or your team bring to the table. Your communication isn't showing them how you can help them to fix the problems that they're having, or achieve the results that they really need to achieve.

So what are the answers? How do we fix these frustrations?

Well, there isn't just one answer. But the answer does lie in the sales process.

There are a number of different steps that I've identified that you really need to get right in the sales process. There are seven in total that I've identified in my Steps to WIN™ Process.

Key to get right before you start prospecting:

The first one is how do you stand out and sound different? How do you sound different in order to really separate yourself from the competition. What is really critical to get right in a time-poor environment is that WOW moment that's going to make the client say, "You know what, they get me, I'm going to give them my time to have a conversation."

That takes building trust and confidence just to earn their time to get that first conversation.

What are the steps that you have in place to really make sure that your team or you are deserving of this time, because otherwise, the client feels that you're trying to sell to them the minute that they hop on that call with you.

There are six other steps that I feel are really, really important to get right in the sales process right now. Steps that help an ideal profitable client to make a decision to work with you.

If you would like to identify where are the gaps (if any!) in your sales process, I have created a quick assessment that's going to help you to pinpoint them quicker.

Contact me to get your copy of that.  It is a quick "Score Your Team" Assessment that will help you to spot if money is being left on the table.

Or perhaps you might want to talk them through.   If so, set up a Sales Strategy Chat with me.

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