How do you "Pin Down" Potential Clients? Prospecting Tips


Isn't prospecting frustrating? Well, it doesn't have to be. In this week's Feely Focus I share what is key to get right before you start looking for new clients. It makes business development so much easier while enjoying it along the way.

The biggest frustrations that I'm hearing from salespeople right now are these:

  • Number one, I just really want to pin down the right people, how do I pin them down Ciara? It is prospecting headache #1.
  • The second one is, just need to get them at the right time, and then I'll be able to sell to them.
  • And the third one is, how do I create better conversations where I don't feel "salesy". You know that feeling of really building that strategic relationship with the client, which is what is so important in the B2B world right now.

So if you're experiencing these frustrations, or if you're hearing them from your team, this is what is happening.

The client isn't making a link between the value that you/ your business or your team bring to the table....

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