Fabulous follow-up after a Trade Show, Conference or Sales Calls.


What is great follow up to after a trade show, conference or doing sales calls.  Make sure you do this one thing to avoid the table tennis game afterwards.  

You know the way - you had a great conversation with them at the time, then you end up trying to chase them... and annoyingly they aren't getting back to you.

Try these techniques and have more success.

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Trade Shows - Getting the Right Appointments

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Trade Shows - Attracting the Right Buyers and Getting Quality Leads

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Tradeshows - "Mighty Moves" to WIN More Leads - Tip 8 Conversation


Get these 2 things right when having a first time conversation with a potential client at a trade show - or first meeting.


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How do you Sell in a Softer Marketplace?



This is my Steps to WIN™  Methodology. 

It is a map to help you build a Client Centric Sales Process.

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Tradeshows - "Mighty Moves" to WIN More Leads - Tip 5 Don't WING it!


Don't WING it!


Prepare in advance what questions you want to ask.  

Know what you want to walk away with.

Be strategic in your approach.

Be curious. :)


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Tradeshows - "7 Mighty Moves" to WIN More Leads - Tip 2


Tip #2 to WIN a lot more Business at Trade Shows:

Get Clarity on Who Your Ideal Profitable Client is! 

Who is your ideal profitable client?

Who is a fabulous client that you would really like to meet?

The more you know them, the more you know about them, the easier it is to find them.  If you want to keep the sales funnel full and the leads coming in...then it is time to be pro-active.  The really profitable business rarely walks in the door - you have to go out and find it.

A quick way to get clarity on who is a profitable client is to ask these questions:

  • Who is a great profitable client that you have right now?
  • What do you help them to do?
  • What are their pains?
  • What are the solutions they want to achieve?
  • Where did you find them or how did they find you?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What is their role?
  • What is their industry?

The more you know them, the easier it is for you to create the right kind of messaging before the trade show in order to attract those right...

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Tradeshows - How to WIN more Leads. Tip 1


Tip #1 to Make your Investment in Trade Shows Pay Off Quicker

Once you've confirmed an appointment, connect with them before the Show

Don't wait until the show to make a connection. Get them excited to show up to your appointment.  Here are a few ideas on how to do that.

> Send them a personalized video. LinkedIn is great for that.

> Send them photographs that may be of interest, something different.

> Send them something fun, something relevant to start the trust-building earlier on.  This may have nothing to do with business.  Thread carefully - you will need to research their social media channels to know what is of interest to them. 

The result is that, when they sit down to meet you, they'll at least feel that they know you and some of that chit chat will be over with and they'll feel that connection so it'll make your in-person meeting more productive.

When I worked with Karin to help her make a significant investment in a trade show pay off, she...

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How do you "Pin Down" Potential Clients? Prospecting Tips


Isn't prospecting frustrating? Well, it doesn't have to be. In this week's Feely Focus I share what is key to get right before you start looking for new clients. It makes business development so much easier while enjoying it along the way.

The biggest frustrations that I'm hearing from salespeople right now are these:

  • Number one, I just really want to pin down the right people, how do I pin them down Ciara? It is prospecting headache #1.
  • The second one is, just need to get them at the right time, and then I'll be able to sell to them.
  • And the third one is, how do I create better conversations where I don't feel "salesy". You know that feeling of really building that strategic relationship with the client, which is what is so important in the B2B world right now.

So if you're experiencing these frustrations, or if you're hearing them from your team, this is what is happening.

The client isn't making a link between the value that you/ your business or your team bring to the table....

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