Tradeshows - How to WIN more Leads. Tip 1


Tip #1 to Make your Investment in Trade Shows Pay Off Quicker

Once you've confirmed an appointment, connect with them before the Show

Don't wait until the show to make a connection. Get them excited to show up to your appointment.  Here are a few ideas on how to do that.

> Send them a personalized video. LinkedIn is great for that.

> Send them photographs that may be of interest, something different.

> Send them something fun, something relevant to start the trust-building earlier on.  This may have nothing to do with business.  Thread carefully - you will need to research their social media channels to know what is of interest to them. 

The result is that, when they sit down to meet you, they'll at least feel that they know you and some of that chit chat will be over with and they'll feel that connection so it'll make your in-person meeting more productive.

When I worked with Karin to help her make a significant investment in a trade show pay off, she applied these tips.  They worked!  She had no "no-shows", lots of appointments and returned home with €2 million of business leads - 65% of which confirmed within the year.


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