Tradeshows - How to WIN more Leads. Tip 1


Tip #1 to Make your Investment in Trade Shows Pay Off Quicker

Once you've confirmed an appointment, connect with them before the Show

Don't wait until the show to make a connection. Get them excited to show up to your appointment.  Here are a few ideas on how to do that.

> Send them a personalized video. LinkedIn is great for that.

> Send them photographs that may be of interest, something different.

> Send them something fun, something relevant to start the trust-building earlier on.  This may have nothing to do with business.  Thread carefully - you will need to research their social media channels to know what is of interest to them. 

The result is that, when they sit down to meet you, they'll at least feel that they know you and some of that chit chat will be over with and they'll feel that connection so it'll make your in-person meeting more productive.

When I worked with Karin to help her make a significant investment in a trade show pay off, she...

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Creating a Client Connection this Holiday Season

relationship selling Dec 22, 2021

Creating a Client Connection this Holiday Season

So you know me, I'm all about relationships. This is part of my strategy this year to really create that connection, which I think is so, so important right now.

I've written 92 cards, and I've written a three-page update on the year. Just telling people all about the experience we've had in building our new house and moving in and business-wise, what's going on -- what was difficult about this year and what was really fabulous about this year.

So my point is, how are you really creating that connection?

The new year Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to do that and the more personalized that you can make it, that really helps people to get to know you a little bit more, the more powerful it will be.

Thank you for being in my community this year.  I aim to bring you even more value next year!  Starting with a workshop on January 18th on 3 Strategies to Grow Revenue through Building Strong Client...

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Why Client Conversations Are Actually Important.


The topic for today's conversation is all about conversations and the power of leading a really great client conversation and why that is important.

I had originally intended to just jump straight into how to lead a very important and high converting client conversation. Just speaking with a client this morning, made me realize 2 things:

A. I need to talk about why it's so important to get that conversation piece right.

B. Why it is a key metric to have for yourself and for your sales team to create more quality client conversations.

1. So the first big reason is if you're not creating quality client conversations, conversations where you're able to lead the client as opposed to being led by the client, -  you are being seen as a commodity.  It is transactional selling, and that opportunity of really creating a connection and finding out the why behind the sale is lost.

2. The second big reason is a lot of people are selling via email. And there is a missed...

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