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Show them how the buyer buys

With my Steps to WIN process, watch your sales team change how they do business

Let's Talk About Your Goals

Stakeholder pressure demands results this quarter...

yet buyers are very concerned with rate. You sense your team needs new skills to sell in a socially-distant world, but you are not a trainer and don't have to time to do this all by yourself.


Let's start getting the results you need by positioning your sales team as partners, not suppliers and showing them how to move the conversation away from rate and towards profitability.

Sales is about making an immediate connection

That's what your client needs in order to help them to want to have a conversation with your team. It involves a fundamental move away from transactional selling towards a more consultative approach.

Building relationships is a key ingredient for success. I will show your team how to personalize the sales experience for each client and where to use automation.

Steps to WIN

With my proven Steps to WIN Process, watch your team pivot and change how they do business, without taking them out of the field.

This is my most popular sales team training, designed to help your team distinguish themselves from the competition, build relationships with trust and close more deals, more often.

This is a modular program divided into steps, building your team's confidence at each point and ensuring nobody gets overwhelmed or left behind. I have been training sales teams virtually for over 7 years with proven results. 

Meet Brian, Senior Sales Manager of a 15 person team

Within 2 weeks of my Steps to WIN Process, I helped Brian get business worth $5 million over the line. I showed him how to have a different conversation with a client - one where they leaned in.

Meet Jeveen, Commercial Director of a 45 person team

Jeveen's team grew their conversion rate from 15% to 22% in 6 short months.

The impact of my Steps to WIN Process became obvious as Jeveen watched the effect on two of her team. One who had been through the training - Kylie - and one who hadn't - Sam. They were both on a sales call with a potential client. Jeveen observed Sam's question technique visibly making the client uncomfortable, sit back and cross her arms. On the other hand, when Kylie used my killer questioning technique, the client became engaged and leaned in. Kylie won the business.

This is the 7 Steps to WIN Process

Stand Out - Sound Different

Buyers' needs have changed. To get their attention and earn their time, teams must be relevant and aware of what is most important to clients. We take the time to step back, examine the world of the buyer so that they can develop an approach that is client-centric, designed to help the buyer buy.

Killer Questions to lead high converting strategic, client conversations

Business is lost and won based on how you make a client feel. The art of conversation and how to get the client to happily share with you what will help them to say YES is a critical skill to develop. If you find your team are order takers, rather than order makers, this will really help them to move past that.  I teach listening and conversation techniques in this module that build better business relationships that result in more sales.

Proposals that WIN

How to avoid never hearing back from the client after putting hours into preparing a proposal. We look at the structure, content, delivery and follow-up on proposals to WIN more profitable opportunities.  I will show you how to personalize proposals without them taking all day to prepare.

Build a healthy sales funnel

Where to start, look for, warm up and generate more profitable leads.  Who are your ideal clients? What do they need to want to engage with your team? This is prospecting, account management and business development skills to build a strong sales pipeline and cut out the time wasters.

A WOW product experience or show-around

How can more ideal clients experience your product or service from their desk or phone. When a face to face meet-up isn’t possible, how can your clients experience your product and bring them close to a buying decision.

Build sales tools that help the buyer to buy (even from their desk)

These are the tools your clients use every day to help them to buy.  They must be built as a resource, to build trust and confidence from a distance. They can be the first impression a buyer has and so they are essential to get right to help you attract ideal, profitable clients.


Word of Mouth Marketing, Repeat Clients & Referrals

This is the easiest and most economical way to generate business - yet, is there a system in place to capture these opportunities? Your current clients know more great potential clients just like them.  I will show you how to ask for these introductions in such a way that your clients, colleagues and acquaintances will become your ambassadors, looking out for business opportunities for you.

This could work for your team too. If you'd like your team to start getting different results, let's talk.

Contact Me

Let’s show your team how much they can be doing, even now, during this pandemic, to give your business the edge. 

As we work together, we will follow my proven Steps to Win Process. I will help your team reposition as partners not suppliers, earning the trust and confidence of the clients you want to WIN.

A Bespoke Program Built Around Your Needs

Steps to WIN is a bespoke program that I design for your requirements. That’s why it’s so important that I get to know what’s on your mind right from the beginning.

Training is about changing mindsets and habits. Perhaps your team has been doing the same thing for years. I get the best results when I work with your team over the course of a few weeks. From experience I know that change can’t happen in a day or a few hours. 

I’m committed to your success that’s why I stay with you through the implementation stage. Questions usually arise for your team when they start to implement. That’s why I stick around.

I’ll be there to help your team make tweaks based on their real life experience, clients and market place. 

I’ve spent the last 7 years figuring out what works to help your team remotely.  I can save you the expense and hassle of figuring this out for yourself. I know what works and what will stick. 

About Me

I believe in the power of connection and cultivating partnerships instead of transactional relationships. I know it works.  I have seen how the average sales team can completely transform into an engine for growth.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or independent small business I can design the right program for you.

I love to show teams how to have better relationships with their clients. The kind of relationship the client wants and needs to help them buy. I’d love to hear your story.

What to expect from my Steps to WIN Course


The course consists of a number of two-hour sessions that will be led by me, Ciara, virtually. 
These include live, virtual training room experiences that are interactive - not more zoom fatigue.  PLUS:

+ individual access to a training website to reinforce learning

+ online assignments (and I can share reports with you on how each member is doing)

+ accountability and implementation strategies

+ nurturing and follow-up by me to ensure each member is taking action.  

I also invite each member to a private Facebook group so they can network with other like minded individuals that I work with, share  progress and learn from each other.

Next Steps:  Let’s talk. 

I need to understand your needs in order to design a sales program that is right for your team, your business, your marketplace.

Call me on +353 86 361 1428 or find a time in my schedule for us to have an online meeting. 

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