Shake it off!


Sometimes you want to just shake it off!! (And it is a necessary release).

Prospecting is hard. And it's not getting any easier. COVID certainly hasn't helped the situation. But the fact is that you still need to generate revenue and you need to find new clients. Perhaps you're finding it hard to get these potential clients on the phone, they don't have time to talk to you, or you are hearing there's a "pause" on spending at the moment.

Either way, if you're actively prospecting, if you're trying to take control of revenue opportunities, if you're trying to bring in new business, it's not easy out there.

You might be hearing a lot of NOs. And that feels very negative, and it affects your energy.

Well, there are three ways that I can help you to “shake it off”:

  1. One is to get up and dance, do what Taylor does, put on your favorite music, and just try and let it go.
  2. The second one is to try some meditation and to focus on your breath. That's what I love to do. Even a two or three minute stress buster really helps to change your physiology, change the makeup of your brain and give you back your energy and your vitality for that next sales meeting or sales call.
  3. The third way that works for a lot of people is to simply go outside, breathe in some fabulous fresh air.

Perhaps you have a dog or a cat, have a chat with them, spend some time with them, enjoy their love and their attention. Or call a friend or colleague. That just helps to bring you back into the moment so that your energy is topped up again and you are ready for that next call.

If you're finding it difficult to

  • get out there to find your motivation
  • to find your mojo
  • to get more clients on a call, or on a Zoom meeting
  • to get the attention of potential clients
  • to pin them down...

I have plenty of ideas on how you can fill your sales funnel.

In my new course - Build Your Sales Funnel, created for this new economy, I share 5 Fundamentals you need to make sure you or your team are getting right to set yourself up for success.

Success in terms of:

  • prospecting and finding more of the right leads
  • finding the profitable leads that are the right fit for your business.

This course is available straight away - you are 1 minute away from accessing it. It takes just 1 hour of your time. Chris signed up for it last week and within 1 day was working on her Top 20 Target List and researching her 10 before 10 calls she started on Monday morning. I love it that she took action so quickly!

See how this one-hour course can change your sales results.

Thanks a million for your time. Ciara

Building Your Sales Funnel - 5 Fundamentals - click to get access to the course.

If you want to chat through your Sales Strategy, set up a time with me here.


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