Who Is Praying For You? Relationships That Matter

relationship selling Mar 15, 2024

That's my Dad throwing me up in the air. I still remember the elation and that feeling of pure TRUST, that he would catch me every time.

My Dad is turning 84 this year.  He has worked in his family’s stone business since he was 15. He is dyslexic and was made to feel stupid in school, so he left early.  As he says himself – “I found my way in life once I got working with my hands”.  

He worked each day with his Dad, and his 2 uncles learning his craft as a Stone Mason.  From time to time travelling stone masons would work with them for a few months, they would help to carve Celtic Crosses and then move on to the next stone masons’ yard.

He discovered he was best at sales – loving the opportunity to hit the road and call to people’s houses, businesses, and the churches in his area.

Along with his brother Pat, he built the business from a business of 5 people to 120 people at its height.

I asked Dad recently if he...

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:) Whiskey at the Hairdressers - Discover 3 Surprising Lessons in Sales

My hairdresser (Elle) served a glass of whiskey on New Years Eve.  What a surprise that was at 11am!!  


I just love surprises in customer service.  I am a new customer of Elle's.  

As I usually share everyday experiences and link it to lessons in sales... this is my take on my move to a new hairdressers last year. 

I had to change hairdressers in July because Martina (my previous hairdresser) had to give up her craft after 25 years.  Her back just couldn't take it anymore.  

I was devastated (and shed a tear when she told me). Not only did she know how to do my thick and curly hair, I also had such a laugh going there. It was the real social hub of the village, and you could end up having a conversation on any topic and I met such diverse people when there, which I loved. 

The experience made me think about the complexities of changing suppliers – and the work salespeople need to do to “persuade” a buyer to...

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Follow-Up - Using AI to Close more Deals

I’ve been crafting nurture sequences (manual and automated) for about 10 years and most of the principles in that skill apply to the use of AI in following up after tradeshows.  AI has been around a long time – it’s just more easily accessible now with Chatgpt being the buzz word of 2023.

There are 3 key areas to get right in using AI and automating some of your follow-up.

  1. Personalization – always send personalised messages – specific to their needs and or what they are interested in.
  2. Timing – ideally within 24 hours of meeting them for a quick touch base. AI makes this easier.
  3. Systemize it – have a process in place that is consistent, clear and not haphazard.

One of the BIG downfalls of following up is that it is not done with purpose and regularly enough. 

People tend to give up after 1 or 2 follow up attempts. 

According to, it takes approximately 3.5 sales calls to close a lead generated at a trade...

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The Business of Events - Selling the IMPACT of Your Work

sales strategy Nov 21, 2023

This is a recording of my contribution to Global Meetings Industry Day - where my brief was to elevate the mindset of the events industry to talk about the importance of their work.

Persuasion is a fundamental aspect of any role in the business world.  We all engage in persuasion in one form or another.   Whether you are an Event Planner looking to promote your event within your organization, justifying event investments, or secure a larger budget.  

OR if you are in sales and aiming to secure new high value business deals – this is for you. 

This is an insight on the profound impact the events industry has on business.   Let’s work together to raise the industry’s profile, positioning it more prominently at the boardroom table to minimize budget cuts and maximize ROI. 

 Learner Outcomes:

  •  Learn effective strategies to communicate your contributions and secure a seat at the boardroom table and winning the...
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Fabulous follow-up after a Trade Show, Conference or Sales Calls.


What is great follow up to after a trade show, conference or doing sales calls.  Make sure you do this one thing to avoid the table tennis game afterwards.  

You know the way - you had a great conversation with them at the time, then you end up trying to chase them... and annoyingly they aren't getting back to you.

Try these techniques and have more success.

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1 Follow-Up Tactic Your Competitor Isn't Doing!

prospecting Sep 27, 2023

You heard the words Follow-Up, Follow-Up, Follow-Up before.  It is indeed a key sales move and skill to develop.  How you do it will define you and set you apart from the sea of sameness. 

Press play to discover this effective, proven tactic in 1 minute.

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Trade Shows - Nailing the Trade Show Conversation

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2023
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Trade Shows - Getting the Right Appointments

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Trade Shows - Attracting the Right Buyers and Getting Quality Leads

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Sales Leadership Strategies - Leading Your Sales Team this year

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2023
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