Overcoming Overwhelm in Sales - what to do when you can't decide what to do next!

sales strategy Mar 03, 2022

Overcoming Overwhelm in Sales - what to do when you can't decide what to do next!

I have a really quick one this week.  A question came in from Carla: "Ciara," she said, "sometimes I'm so busy that I just don't know what to do next. I get all confused and I end up not being productive. Just jumping quickly from one thing to the other because sometimes your brain feels really full."

That happens to me all the time -- you're jumping and not following through on one thing. I am not really focusing to get one thing finished and finished really well."

This is how I responded...

I've been listening recently to a Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh.  His response to when your brain gets in "overload mode" is to breath. To help to calm your mind.

Your breath is what connects your mind to your body and it helps to bring you back into the present. To be able to make a clear decision as to that one thing that you're going to do next in order to get it right.

Breathe in for the count of...

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Creating a Client Connection this Holiday Season

relationship selling Dec 22, 2021

Creating a Client Connection this Holiday Season

So you know me, I'm all about relationships. This is part of my strategy this year to really create that connection, which I think is so, so important right now.

I've written 92 cards, and I've written a three-page update on the year. Just telling people all about the experience we've had in building our new house and moving in and business-wise, what's going on -- what was difficult about this year and what was really fabulous about this year.

So my point is, how are you really creating that connection?

The new year Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to do that and the more personalized that you can make it, that really helps people to get to know you a little bit more, the more powerful it will be.

Thank you for being in my community this year.  I aim to bring you even more value next year!  Starting with a workshop on January 18th on 3 Strategies to Grow Revenue through Building Strong Client...

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Why Client Conversations Are Actually Important.


The topic for today's conversation is all about conversations and the power of leading a really great client conversation and why that is important.

I had originally intended to just jump straight into how to lead a very important and high converting client conversation. Just speaking with a client this morning, made me realize 2 things:

A. I need to talk about why it's so important to get that conversation piece right.

B. Why it is a key metric to have for yourself and for your sales team to create more quality client conversations.

1. So the first big reason is if you're not creating quality client conversations, conversations where you're able to lead the client as opposed to being led by the client, -  you are being seen as a commodity.  It is transactional selling, and that opportunity of really creating a connection and finding out the why behind the sale is lost.

2. The second big reason is a lot of people are selling via email. And there is a missed...

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What You Can Control in Sales


What You Can Control in Sales

Sales Leadership Training Series

Are you feeling like you don't have control of sales?

That the control lies with your client?

Keeping your mindset focused on the areas that you can control is a lot more productive. In this blog post, I share the 4 key factors in the current sales landscape and what are the main areas that you have control of. 

In the training that I'm doing right now, I'm hearing a lot of negativity from salespeople - because there is a lot of negative sentiment out there! It is more challenging to get clients to engage with you, to get them on the phone, to get them to turn up to a demo, to give you their time.

This means you have to work harder to earn the client conversation.

To help you or your team, to get around the mindset of hearing the negativity of clients saying, "there's a spending freeze on right now or a pause", I want to share this diagram that I think really helps to put some perspective...

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How do you "Pin Down" Potential Clients? Prospecting Tips


Isn't prospecting frustrating? Well, it doesn't have to be. In this week's Feely Focus I share what is key to get right before you start looking for new clients. It makes business development so much easier while enjoying it along the way.

The biggest frustrations that I'm hearing from salespeople right now are these:

  • Number one, I just really want to pin down the right people, how do I pin them down Ciara? It is prospecting headache #1.
  • The second one is, just need to get them at the right time, and then I'll be able to sell to them.
  • And the third one is, how do I create better conversations where I don't feel "salesy". You know that feeling of really building that strategic relationship with the client, which is what is so important in the B2B world right now.

So if you're experiencing these frustrations, or if you're hearing them from your team, this is what is happening.

The client isn't making a link between the value that you/ your business or your team bring to the table....

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Shake it off!


Sometimes you want to just shake it off!! (And it is a necessary release).

Prospecting is hard. And it's not getting any easier. COVID certainly hasn't helped the situation. But the fact is that you still need to generate revenue and you need to find new clients. Perhaps you're finding it hard to get these potential clients on the phone, they don't have time to talk to you, or you are hearing there's a "pause" on spending at the moment.

Either way, if you're actively prospecting, if you're trying to take control of revenue opportunities, if you're trying to bring in new business, it's not easy out there.

You might be hearing a lot of NOs. And that feels very negative, and it affects your energy.

Well, there are three ways that I can help you to “shake it off”:

  1. One is to get up and dance, do what Taylor does, put on your favorite music, and just try and let it go.
  2. The second one is to try some meditation and to focus on your breath. That's what I love to do. Even a two...
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Gathering Testimonials to Make Sales


Today I wanted to share some tips with you from my book, Steps to Win. I want in particular to focus on a strategy that will work for you right now in selling in the online space. And that is on gathering testimonials or client reviews.

We all know how valuable websites are when we're trying to make decisions on travel. But no matter what industry you are in, social proof is a very important tool to have to help clients to make a decision.

And that's really what sales is all about - helping the client to make the right decision, which hopefully will be working with you.

So it's very important to be having conversations with your clients right now, even if they are not buying. And a great excuse to call them up, or get them on a zoom call or email them, is in asking for testimonials.

Now you really want to get a testimonial that shows the value that you bring to the table. Every company will have customers that are happy and that will say; 

"I had a great experience, love...

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Feely Focus Rebrand

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2021
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Sales for SMEs in the MICE Market

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2021
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Carving Out the Right Approach

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2021
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